5 Ways to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to press reset on those hard-to-break habits. Here, Yorkville Village’s wellness and style experts share their top tips for making 2020 the best ever.


Put Yourself First

The risk of burnout is real, especially for type-A personalities. If you don’t carve out time for yourself, how can you give back to those around you? That’s a core belief of Amy Finnegan Burns, VP of Operations at Waxon Laser + Wax Bar. “Whether it’s a massage, a walk in the park, or a wax or laser appointment, it’s important for you to focus on what you need in order to be your best self and show up for others,” she says.


Loosen Up

The news might be bleak some days, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be. Bright colours and relaxed fits are going to be popular styles for women this summer, predicts Andrews’ head buyer Tanya Apsega. Look for loosely fitted dresses, blazers, and pants; calming blues; neutrals such as linen, butter, and almond; and bright lemon shades to keep your closet cheerful through the crazy times. Apsega recommends checking out Circolo’s relaxed suits this season, which are a perfect way to work summer’s slouchy vibe.

Circolo suit, available at Andrews.


Snack Smartly

The road to ruining that well-intentioned meal plan is paved with unhealthy snacks. When those midday grumbles hit, Good Goddess founder Natasha Geddes recommends grabbing a cup of broth. “Not only is it filled with nutrients and flavour, you’ll also find that when you’re sipping it throughout the day, like you would with tea, you feel satisfied,” she says. “This means no unnecessary snacking,” she adds. “It makes for a great pre-gym fuel-up. Kids love it, your gut loves it—and the list of benefits goes on.” Good Goddess stocks the RIPE Nutrition brand in bone, vegan, and green, a spicy vegan broth that tastes like a cold-pressed green juice.

RIPE Nutrition broth, available at Good Goddess.


Go for Gold

Glimmer and shine with spring’s leading beauty look. “The colour of the season is anything gold, from masks to primer, to universal glow used all over the face and eyes,” says celebrity makeup artist Victoria Radford. Gold isn’t just for going out—Radford stocks her own 24K Gold Hydrogel Face Mask as an elegant self-care option for evenings at home.

Victoria Radford 24K Gold Hydrogel face mask, available at Victoria Radford.


Get a Jump on Summer

To truly ramp up a new-year reinvention, try something outside your comfort zone. TNT’s social media and marketing manager Laurel Freedman says that jumpsuits are a flattering trend for women that we will only see more of this summer. Her top pick? AGOLDE’s denim jumpsuit, which is available in both blue and black.

AGOLDE jumpsuit, available at TNT.

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