At Home Florals

Whether you have a backyard, a balcony, or a windowsill, adding a pop of life to your space is the perfect way to stay busy during quarantine! So in support of Earth Day, we’ve partnered with our in-house experts Teatro Verde to provide gardening tips for spring planting.

1. Clean Up
General rake, clean up and soil turn over is the perfect way to pass the time and prep for sunnier days ahead

2. Floral Gardens
Consider planting flowering bulb gardens so your garden is in full bloom when social distancing restrictions (hopefully) ease off

3. Herbs & Produce
Seedlings can be planted in small containers under continuous lighting

Although it’s a little difficult to get your hands on fresh cut flowers at the moment, now’s a great time to design that dreamy mood board to help get inspired with designs, styling & colour schemes.




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