Beat The Heat

Beat the heat with your fav refreshing treat! Here are some of our go-tos.

Whether it’s an iced coffee, iced matcha or iced chocolate — get your cool on with Jacked Up Coffee

* Above photo by @keepingup_withclara

Cone or no cone, that is the question! How do you take your Zaza Espresso Bar gelato?

* Above photo by @foodventureto

These 100% organic super freezies made of fresh ingredients with no sugar, additives or preservatives are the perfect summer refresher! Get your Ripe Nutrition super freezies from Good Goddess: The Nest.

Traditional or vegan — mochi balls are an easy & delicious way to snack on the go. Visit Whole Foods Market and get your mochi on!

You had us at milk tea x Real Fruit Bubble Tea!

When you can’t make up your mind — reach for an Ontario made rosé cider from The Wine Shop!

To milkshake or not to milkshake — the answer is always yes, do the milkshake! Which South St. Burger flavour is your go-to?

The taller the cone, the closer you are to happiness! Stop by Summer’s Ice Cream and choose a flavour — or two — or three!

* Above photo by @mr.stevenbranco




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