Benny Bing is a self-taught Toronto based artist of Nigerian descent. His passion for portraiture illuminated through the use of complimenting acrylic hues has built him a great following. His ability to capture the emotion on each of his subjects faces shines through in each piece. CBC named Benny an “influential Black Canadian who is expanding and redefining black representation”.

“The act of painting is a conversation between the work and me. My creative output is constantly evolving. Each piece pushes me against limitations and boundaries I’ve given myself, consciously or unconsciously, inspiring and forcing growth and a break from comfort, allowing exploration of self-discovery and boundless vision” says Bing.

Colour Blind, an exhibition of boldly coloured paintings that celebrates the myriad of contributions of black women to the landscape of style, beauty, and power. Benny Bing’s vibrant hues embrace the complexities of race while highlighting the uniqueness amongst us all.

The Colour Blind exhibit can be found in The Fix (lower level across from Whole Foods) for the month of July, and all pieces will be available for purchase.

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