Beyond Borders: Reshaping the Ordinaries of Hong Kong

“Beyond Borders: Reshaping the Ordinaries of Hong Kong” is jointly presented by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) and Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC). The exhibition will showcase how Hong Kong artists reinterpret traditional materials and artwork, to create their own series of contemporary art for home décor or use in modern daily life.

The exhibition will be held in The Oval & Upper Oval from May 30 to June 28. Artwork, including galvanized iron products, lion head crafts and miniature cheongsam, will be on display with a focus on the craftsmanship of masters of Hong Kong intangible cultural heritages. Virtual talks and artist demonstrations will be held to encourage dialogue between the Canadian audience and the Hong Kong art community.

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Participating Artists:

Chan Wai-tung, Jessica | Paper Crafting Artist

Si Meng-kuan, Frankie | Mini Cheongsam Artist

YU Siu-naam | Galvanised Iron Artist

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