Born and raised in Toronto, Canada David Krovblit studied photography at Ryerson University. He has transitioned from a successful career as a commercial photographer, shooting many international campaigns and winning numerous awards. He now creates art full time and in California, dividing his time between Los Angeles and Toronto.

About The Show

Utopia encompasses work from a few different series which thematically and aesthetically work together to tell a story of our existence using iconic imagery and symbolism. The vintage botanical imagery seen in each piece symbolize the original world of Eden and the beginnings of life on earth. Perfect in every way except for the fact it is not real. It is only through our ability to make choices that we can truly be free. This means feeling all of our emotions not just bliss. Consumerism and consumption are also a part of this never ending battle to find happiness.

Collage/Mural Process

Collage artists have traditionally been limited by the size of the pieces they find in print. Krovblit’s methods allow him to break away from this size restraint through a unique process. He starts by collecting all of the images from different sources: online imagery, posters, magazines, and his original photography. He then brings them all into Photoshop where he builds the digital file as the blue print. Once this is complete, all the layers are printed out to the desired size and scale (current work is from 2ft art pieces to 20ft presentation walls). All the visual components get printed onto massive sheets of paper, ready to be hand cut. The pieces are then reassembled and pasted onto a board or a wall then carefully sealed with a coating of epoxy resin.

David Krovblit’s Utopia exhibit can be found in The Fix (lower level across from Whole Foods) for the month of October, and all pieces will be available for purchase.


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