Decorate Your Home for the Holidays with These Stunning Finds

When it comes to decking your holiday halls, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classic colour scheme of red, white and green. It’s been around for generations, and it works. However, a little creative daring can also impress friends and family, making your yule more memorable. And, thankfully, it doesn’t take an interior design degree to pull off—just a few easy tips from Yorkville Village’s entertaining experts (leaving you more time to eat, drink and be merry). Here, how to achieve festive and fabulous tablescapes, living rooms and trees with handmade accents, unique Christmas crackers, incredible art and more.


Crystal Gazing

As the holidays are all about opulence, it’s the perfect time to invest in statement art. Toronto-based Franco DeFrancesca’s vibrant Target paintings—swirling, resin-covered discs that come in a variety of hot hues — are a lively salve for cold, dark days. “They instantly make people happy,” says Noelle Lalonde, a sales associate at Galerie de Bellefeuille.

If the art is for a gift, “smaller tends to be better,” says Lalonde, suggesting Metis Atash’s 18-inch high Punk Buddha statues (mash-ups of Atash’s spirituality, art and music preferences). Their compact size means they can be easily incorporated into any collection, but, as each is covered in at least 20,000 Swarovski crystals, they still make a bold statement.

Metis Atash’s Punk Buddha statues, available at Galerie de Bellefeuille.


Franco DeFrancesca’s Target paintings, available at Galerie de Bellefeuille.


Cracking the Code

Finding the right details for the holiday table can “make your party a feel like a truly special occasion,” says Shawn Gibson, owner of Teatro Verde. Bright white floral displays of amaryllis, hydrangea, magnolia leaves and skimmia berries set a chic modern tone.

Or for an element of surprise, Gibson recommends handmade crackers from the Olde English Cracker Company. “They are fun,” he says, “and are made with the finest materials.” They also feature quality gifts, including games, toys and puzzles to keep even the most turkey-stuffed guest awake and entertained after the big meal.

Olde English Christmas Crackers, available at Teatro Verde.


A Star is Born

Icons like stars and trees are such long-standing holiday staples that it’s easy to think they can’t be reinvented. “But we like to carry things that you won’t see anywhere else,” says Mojgan Kamali, owner of Valency. To wit: the handcrafted Dueuno display bowl, from Italian brand Zanetto (sold exclusively at Valency), is composed of two interlocking, intricately patterned metal stars. When arranged together, they might carry candy or chestnuts. They can also slide a part to form two separate dishes for fruit or bread. Equally ingenious: Philippi’s Lucia Christmas Tree, composed of a central dowel supporting 26 white wooden bows that each hold a tea light. “It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble,” says Kamali. “And the best part: no needles!”


Zanetto’s Dueuno Bowl, available at Valency.  


Philippi’s Lucia Christmas Tree, available at Valency.


Heavy Metal

Silver and gold are Yuletide bona fides. However, according to Sara Jghab, manager of Bois & Cuir, “my favourite trend this year is definitely copper.” One of the appeals of the earth metal is its versatility. “Copper items can be used as tree ornaments, side table accents, center pieces and as a hostess gifts,” says Jghab, who particularly likes Bois & Cuir’s copper-coloured Ceramic Vase, and its scented candles—the Rosemary and White Ginger is lovely—that come in copper pots. The look is also versatile in another way. “In the past copper has been a Thanksgiving trend,” says Jghab, meaning next year you can start pulling these pieces out months early without looking like you’re out of step with the seasons.

Copper Ceramic Vase, available at Bois & Cuir.

Large Copper Candle, available at Bois & Cuir.

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