Fresh Winter Decorating Ideas From Bois & Cuir

From evocative seasonal scents to cozy winter accessories, now is the perfect time to update your home decor for the cold months ahead. After all, the time for festive, end-of-year gatherings is just around the corner, and you’ll want to showcase your home at its holiday best.

For the latest interiors trends and must-have decor gifts, we talked to Melanie Zeinalian, marketing manager and style expert at leading home furnishings destination Bois & Cuir, for her top interior-style tips. Here are the trends and finds you need to know.

Swap Your Textiles

Zeinalian recommends updating your home textiles to reflect the new winter season. “Switching up the cushions and throws in the living room and bedroom [creates] a warmer, cozier look and feel,” she says. Swapping existing lightweight, summery fabrics out for a textured or heavier-weight cushion cover or throw can be a quick and relatively inexpensive way to update many rooms in your home.

Bois & Cuir Faux Fur Bean Bag, $429.99, available at Bois & Cuir.

Embrace A Colour Story

Whether you love neutrals or bold shades, embracing a cooler or more thematic colour story with your accessories and decorations can really help set a mood for the holidays and beyond. This could mean having a monochromatic Christmas-tree palette or using just one highlight hue for your entertaining tableware. This year, Zeinalian has one trending colour to recommend: “Definitely sage green!”

Bois & Cuir Printed Ceramic Bowls, $99.99, available at Bois & Cuir.

Opt For Versatility

While holidays-specific decor items such as Christmas ornaments or festive garlands are always lovely to have this time of year, it’s also possible to decorate with seasonally appropriate finds that will still look good come January. “We love our marble tray with a glass dome, perfect for holiday dinner serving and for grazing tables year-round,” says Zeinalian. Textures and materials such as marble, silver, oversized knits and metallics can transition easily from “holiday” to “wintry” rooms.

Bois & Cuir Marble Tray With Glass Dome, $179.99, available at Bois & Cuir.

Use Candles To Set A Mood

Scents are an underrated, effortless way to set the mood at home. “We’re very into our signature Amber & Vanilla scent, available in many different sizes and looks,” says Zeinalian. “It’s definitely a customer favourite for the holiday season!”

An elegant scented candle can make for a great hostess gift, and there are stylish options available at Bois & Cuir all year long. “Our scented candles are perfect for gift giving—and they come in beautiful packaging!” says Zeinalian.

Bois & Cuir Small Brass Glass Candle, $18.99, available at Bois & Cuir.

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