Lindsi Hollend – REFLECT ON: water and glass

Lindsi Hollend is a fine art photographer based in Toronto.  The artist has a unique perspective of the everyday moments and objects in the world, be it the allure of nature or the magnitude of the space that surrounds her. She is fascinated by structure, layers, texture, light and colour…which are seen abundantly in her work.  One major driving force in her artistic career has been her commitment to using “in-camera” creative techniques to better understand her photographic subjects.


water and glass

Throughout Lindsi Hollend’s artistic career, her focus has been on capturing her unique perspective.  In this collection, Lindsi encourages viewers to embrace the transformative power of the reflective surfaces of water and glass, as they interact with their environment, creating new perspectives of familiar imagery.

In the water images, Lindsi plays with the reflective properties of water – a surface that is never still. Sunlight captured on undulating waves, city lights reflected on pitch black lakes, ripples distorting the wonders of nature, and long exposures of colourful objects blend together to create a new experience.

In the architectural images, Lindsi explores the reflective properties of glass – a medium which is traditionally transparent.  Instead of being a portal to the interior of the buildings, the reflective surfaces become a tool to render unique perspectives of their surroundings. Sunsets, an overcast sky, neighbouring buildings, and their own structural materials create an entirely new scene.

The REFLECT ON: water and glass exhibit can be found in The Fix (lower level across from Whole Foods) for the month of September, with a meet & greet event on September 12, 6-8pm. All pieces will be available for purchase.

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