Mani Jassal Pop Up

Mani Jassal is a luxury womenswear designer based in Toronto. Her eponymous label prides itself in its innovative and artistic approach to melding her South Asian heritage with her Canadian upbringing. From humble beginnings watching her mother and grandmother sew outfits for clients, Mani graduated with a degree in fashion design from Ryerson University. Mani Jassal now has an atelier and showroom in Toronto where she designs and sells her creations.

Mani remembers the defining moment of her career trajectory: Sitting in her grade 6 class, she wrote in her diary about the kind of art she wanted to create. Then she had an epiphany — she realized she wanted her art to be functional, and there was no art more functional than clothing. In that moment, she knew she wanted the world to wear her art, and with that, she turned the page and began sketching designs. This was the genesis of the MANI JASSAL brand.

Fast forward to 2014 and the positive reception Mani received for her graduation collection, comprised of classical South Asian silhouettes and craftsmanship, but a departure from established cultural norms. Unexpected fabrics, colour palettes, and ways of showcasing the female form has become Mani’s signature, and the rebellion conveyed through her designs has garnered a substantial social media following and fans all over the world.

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