North42 Pop-Up

With experienced and well-traveled buyers at the helm, North42 is home to some of the best designer fashion from across the globe. Displaying fashion as art, this gallery-like boutique in Toronto defines itself as ‘an elegant curation of all things couture. By Canadians, for Canadians…and beyond.

North42 founder and Principal Stylist Wendy Bannerman has always believed that good clothes open all doors, and from the time she opened her first store more than 30 years ago, this couldn’t be more true.

Wendy’s unfailing ability to call the next big trend has taken her from Toronto, to NYC, Paris and Milan, and created a loyal and ever-growing following. Season after season, she delivers her signature “cross-styled” looks, blending textures, tones and collections to create unique outfits that truly capture the personality of each client.Wendy understands the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle, and styles functional pieces that never compromise on the fabulous! Most importantly, she likes to have fun with her clients, sharing a prosecco or two, some laughs and an ever-honest opinion.

Join Wendy at North42’s exclusive pop-up shop from April 16-May 15th.

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