Small Business Week With Kebaberie

Founded in 2017 by Chuck Abou Saab, Kebaberie features a blend of traditional recipes with modern preparation methods to make authentic, gourmet Lebanese dishes. From premium cut meats, to fresh produce, to blends of rare spices, Kebaberie has become a fan favourite here at Yorkville Village!

Here’s what Chuck had to say about owning and operating a small business in 2020.

What is your absolute favourite menu item that you will never get bored of?

Chuck: Growing up in Lebanon, I remember how they used to serve shawarma’s on the street. They were simple, fresh, and delicious. These shawarma’s were garnished with garlic, pickles and fries on a freshly grilled pita. We’ve now introduced that original style “Street Shawarma” to our menu and its definitely our favourite!


Dare we say it’s been an unprecedented year – what is your biggest takeaway of 2020?

Chuck: Treat your customers as if they were family, and they’ll take care of you. After being closed for over two months from mid-March to the end of May, we were unsure on what to expect when we reopened on June 1. It was extremely gratifying to see some familiar faces after we returned and getting to know new customers. We miss some of our regular customers who have yet to return as they continue to work from home, but have appreciated the notes and words of encouragement from them. It’s been stressful for us as it as been for many other small businesses during this entire pandemic, but we continue to pride ourselves on our customer service (and great food) and hope that we can continue to be a fixture at Yorkville.


What’s your best piece of advice for other small businesses?

Chuck: Keep your head up and don’t be afraid to innovate. Diversify your product offering and leverage online tools. We’ve introduced new menu items and packages to adapt to the most tumultuous year we have experienced, and have upgraded our website to facilitate online ordering at We need to do all we can to gain exposure, increase business, and help survive these challenging times!

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