Small Business Week With TNT

Founded in 1992 by Arie Assaraf and Carrie Richmond, TNT has become a staple for the most fashionable set. Representing over 350 designers from around the globe, TNT started as a 1,200 square foot store on Eglinton Avenue West, and now features a stunning 18,000 square foot flagship right here at Yorkville Village.

Here’s what Arie had to say about owning and operating a small business in 2020!

Dare we say it’s been an unprecedented year – what is your biggest takeaway of 2020?

Arie: Don’t take things for granted! The good thing is that because it’s happening everywhere, you’re not alone. 2020 gave us time to eventually make things better and to be super innovative. We try to be ahead, to be proactive and to not be passive about it.


What’s your best piece of advice for other small businesses?

Arie: Understand the new way. Use this time to restructure and reflect – it certainly gave us a moment to stop for a second and re-charge.

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