Stylish And Fun Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips

Hosting Thanksgiving this year and looking for inspiration? We asked Shawn Gibson, co-owner of Teatro Verde, to share some of the top décor trends of the moment, as well as his entertaining tips for the holidays.

shawn gibson

What are some of your favourite tabletop trends this fall?
We’re seeing a lot of multi-coloured pumpkins in all sizes and shapes, from traditional colours to modern brights and even DayGlo colours.

Are there any fun or unexpected design elements you would recommend for the Thanksgiving table?
We have a series of fun designer paper placemats and more from Hester & Cook. They are stylish, eco-friendly and easy to clean up, and many feature clever cut-outs.

Teatro is known for its beautiful floral arrangements. Any floral tips or trends for fall events?
As we come out of the pandemic we are getting a lot of requests for traditional colours, arranged in simple, modern ways.

What are some great cookbooks you’re excited to try for the holidays?
More Mandy’s for the health-conscious cook; Bonnie Stern’s Don’t Worry, Just Cook; and Donna Hay’s One Pan Perfect.


Any other tips or suggestions for hosting Thanksgiving this year?
We’re seeing an uptick in family board games. Interactive experiences that take everyone off their phones are in demand: Squid Game, Stranger Things, Harry Potter Stupefy! and The Queen’s Gambit to name a few.

Keep it simple, fun and, most of all, just breathe and enjoy.

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