Summer Skincare Tips From Victoria Radford

The founder of Radford Beauty and Radford Studio, Victoria Radford is a makeup ​a​rtist, ​s​kin ​
t​herapist and all-around beauty expert.

We asked Radford to share her top skincare tips, advice for dealing with common summertime concerns, and must-have products for this time of year. Ahead, her do’s and don’ts when it comes to summer skincare.

DO: Use a vitamin C serum

“You can use it every single morning and every single evening,” says Radford, noting that vitamin C can improve the tone and texture of your skin and help make your SPF products much more effective. “During the day, vitamin C actually acts like a magnet—all of the UVA and UVB rays that would normally attack collagen production and create sunspots are actually attracted to the vitamin C molecule and doesn’t absorb into the skin the same way as if we use SPF on its own,” she says.

Still, not all vitamin C serums are created equal. Radford recommends looking for one—such as Boost by Radford Beauty—that is made with a water-soluble vitamin C, because they will typically have a longer shelf life.

DO: Remember to exfoliate

“In the summertime, I find a lot of people’s skin can get a little bit dull, especially if they’re spending a lot of time outside,” says Radford. “I think that happens because they are afraid to exfoliate their skin in the summer.”

She recommends using a product with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to get the job done. “AHAs, specifically lactic acid, which is my favorite, does an amazing job of actually strengthening the skin as it sloughs off that top layer that sometimes can appear dull, especially when there’s been sun exposure,” says Radford. Radford Tone is a 3-in-1 lactic toning gel that smooths out pores and helps skin look juicy and healthy.

DON’T: Let your skin get dehydrated

“A lot of people stay away from heavier moisturizers in the summertime, but that sometimes can make your skin very dehydrated,” says Radford. A weekly sheet mask can help your skin feel really quenched and happy, especially if you’ve already switched to a lighter moisturizer. “It will give your skin all of the hydration it needs, but not make you feel too heavy or oily at all,” she adds.

Sheet masks can also help you address summertime skincare concerns ranging from redness to maskne. “If you do end up spending a lot of time outside and you get a little bit red or sun-swept or even windswept, the best thing you can do is put on a sheet mask. It’s going to bring everything all back to a radiant, moisturized state.” The Radford 24K Gold Hydrogel Face Mask contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, and sea moss, which can help with inflammation. “When you have breakouts or even redness in the skin, that’s all inflammation,” says Radford.

DO: Try coconut oil

Radford loves using coconut oil, a natural sun protectant, as a body moisturizer in the summertime alongside her usual sunscreens. “It always makes my skin look and feel really luminous and hydrated,” she says.

Victoria’s Summertime Skincare Essentials

Boost serum

Tone Power Gel

Face Mask

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