The Brain Project by Baycrest Foundation

The Brain Project is a Toronto-wide art exhibit created by the Baycrest Foundation to raise awareness and inspire conversations about brain health with Canadians. Proceeds support Baycrest’s world-leading work in brain health and aging care, research and education.

The Brain Project engages artists from across the globe, both established and emerging, to design and create one-of-a-kind sculptures that are displayed throughout the city, and will be available for purchase.

This year, The Brain Project will focus on one key driver in maintaining brain health and support in delaying the impacts of dementia: physical fitness. Research affirms that physical fitness helps reduce brain aging, increases blood flow to the brain and decreases the risk of dementia as you get older. By exercising regularly, an individual can take up to 5 years off their aging brain health. Studies show that adults should aim to get 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise.

The Brain Project will reinforce this message with fitness-themed one-of-a-kind pieces of art displayed across the city, consisting of hockey helmets and bike helmets in addition to well-known brain-shaped sculptures. At Yorkville Village this year, a free-standing gallery wall of brain sculptures has been installed above the Whole Foods shopping area.

Artists that are included on the wall:

1) Anthony Ricciardi
2) Gina Godfrey
3) Doug Schwartz
4) Christopher Konecki
5) Keight MacLean
6) Pierre Poussin
7) Romero Britto
8) Sam Mogelonsky
9) Rei Misiri

Learn more about Baycrest and the impact of funds raised through The Brain Project.

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