The Duo Behind Personal Shopping Service La Closette Share Their Winter-Layering Tips

Personal shopping and styling services are now available at The Fix on the lower level of Yorkville Village. Let our in-house fashion team from La Closette get you winter ready, and help you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Available year-round, their services include one-on-one styling sessions, private in-room personal shopping at area hotels, and corporate or individual gift buying. You can book your appointment by emailing the Yorkville Village concierge team at

Ahead of the launch of La Closette at Yorkville Village, we caught up with company owners MT Meikle and Irene Kim about their unique fashion consultancy, what clients can expect from an appointment, and their top winter-layering tips and tricks right now.

What are the biggest benefits of using a personal shopping service that people might not know?

MT Meikle: We always say to our clients, we will save you time and money. We’re very geared into exactly what the needs are, and have knowledge about body types and what’s best for individuals.

What do clients love most about an experience with La Closette?

Irene Kim: People have so much fun. Even the people who hate shopping, which is a lot of people who contact usthey contact us because they hate shopping, they can’t make decisions, they don’t know what to buywe just make it really easy, because before the appointment we’ll have a really good idea of what they want. It’s efficient; we go from place to place to place, so we’re not in each store for a long time browsing the racks, and we know exactly what we’re going to show [the client]. That means all our clients are doing is trying on clothes and feeling greatwhat we’re picking for them meets their needs, suits their body type and fits their lifestyle, because we’ve already determined all of those things through our intake process.

Max Mara Long Belted Wrap Coat, $1,425, available at Andrews.

Do you have any tips when it comes to winter layering?

MT Meikle: Layering for most people seems like an elaborate affair; they get scared of layering. People think that it’ll make them look very bulky. In fact, this is a great way to really get the most out of your wardrobe. You’ll actually be able to mix and match pieces, creating different looks using the same things over and over again but looking like you have new outfits on all the time. There are two cardinal rules when it comes to layering: Never layer the bottom half—try to really work from the top up if you can; and always start with thinner materials, then work your way out.

Judith & Charles Tarra Turtleneck, $325, available at Judith & Charles.

What’s a great layering technique or look that you’re loving right now?

MT Meikle: Use some your summer dresses and your different seasonal pieces, and add a turtleneck underneath or a thick sweater over top. And for men, [I like the idea] of layering while leaving things untucked and showing different lengths of tops.

Irene Kim: I love that look of tucking relatively straight, baggier jeans into your big slouchy bootsit’s such a cool look, and it actually keeps you warm in the wintertime. What I’ve seen a lot too and love trying is tucking in blazers and bigger jackets into jeans. And, of course, you can always wear it with a turtleneck underneath.

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Text Print Deconstructed Blazer, $4,876, available at TNT Men.

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