The Top Engagement Ring Trends This Year

A family-owned jewelry brand, Serli & Siroan has been in business in Yorkville for over 44 years. Founded in 1979 by Jacob and Denchali Siroan, the company specializes in handcrafted fine jewelry made with platinum, and yellow and white gold. “We make everything by hand, and offer custom designs,” says Daniel Siroan.

It takes over 90 hours to craft a Serli & Siroan engagement ring. “There’s no wax to the rings, so we use about six times more material to make each piece,” says Siroan. “They’re nickel-free and hypoallergenic; they also don’t discolour because we use palladium.” Additionally, the company’s engagement rings are made in a comfort cast tube shank design—these bands, with a rounded exterior and interior, offer ​a more comfortable fit.

This year, yellow gold engagement rings are trending, and so are designs with simple bands and solitaire diamonds, says Siroan. In terms of shapes, oval and radiant cut diamonds have been popular for several years now, although more recently Siroan has noticed some demand for cushion cut diamonds. “An elongated cushion, which is a little bit rectangular and elongated, is now kind of the new thing,” says Siroan. “But I still don’t see it passing oval at all.”

Still, no matter the trends, if you’re shopping for an engagement ring, Siroan suggests coming in to try ​on the options in person, to see what best suits the fingers and hand of the wearer. “Just seeing images online or on social media is one thing, but seeing it live on your hand is totally different,” he adds.

Here are three of the top engagement rings at Serli & Siroan right now, according to Siroan.

This timeless, platinum design features a diamond band and round-cut diamond.
desiree engagement ring


Featuring an oval cut diamond, this popular comfort-cast design is available in platinum, white and yellow gold.
Oval Desiree Engagement Ring


A beautiful halo of diamonds surrounds an oval cut diamond in this unique design.
Desiree Hidden Halo

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