The Top Fitness Trends and Classes to Try This Winter

Tired of working out at home and looking for new ways to get fit and stay motivated? You’re not alone. Breanna Perkins-Weston, General Manager of Equinox Yorkville, has been observing a return to fitness and the club, and a move away from at-home workouts. “People are craving community,” she says. “You can really see that, and feel that sense of community that people have been really yearning for for the last two years.”

Beyond its classes and studios, Equinox’s Yorkville location offers members a lounge, spa, shop and even an onsite Kids Club. “We have a lounge area where folks will come and then they work out of there too, just to kind of change up and as a change of pace,” says Perkins-Weston. “Members can come in, do their class, have a smoothie, and then do a conference call or two.”

Of course, some things have changed — Perkins-Weston notes that more members are coming for mid-day workouts, and the club is offering more afternoon classes to meet that demand — but the club is fully open and introducing new classes and training programs alongside favourites like pilates and yoga.

“Post-pandemic, we’re seeing people really wanting to lift heavy weights,” says Perkins-Weston. “Stronger, one of our classes which we launched towards the end of last year, utilizes and really encourages people to use weights—has been selling out companywide for Equinox, and is personally a favourite of mine.”

Other new and popular introductions include Bala Bangle Barre Burn, designed to define and tone while increasing flexibility, and Trilogy Barre, a ballet-inspired workout. “Trilogy Barre uses resistance bands to really give you an overall toned and full body workout,” says Perkins-Weston.

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