The Top Holiday Fashion Looks, According to TNT

There’s no better time than the holiday season to experiment with a new look. Whether you want to dress for comfort or dress to the nines, here are the top trends to try for both men and women, with tips from Laurel Freedman, social media & marketing manager at TNT.



Want to stand out but not into sequins? “Wearing something vinyl or a wet-looking fabric adds a lovely texture and shine to a look,” says Freedman. “We are seeing vinyl and wet-look fabrics all on Instagram right now,” she adds.
“Doing this trend in a vinyl pant is the way to go. Brands that are nailing the vinyl pant right now are Balmain, Michelle Mason (who also does vinyl skirts that are super-cute), RtA, and Rag & Bone.”

Rag & Bone high rise vinyl skinny women’s pants, available at TNT.


“We are seeing a lot of the wet-look fabrics in men’s fashion as well,” says Freedman, pointing to the new Alexander Wang x Adidas Season 4 collection for a sportier take on the slicked-fabric trend.

Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Season 4 men’s top, available at TNT.



“Animal print is everywhere this season!” says Freedman. “For an extra-trendy look, we like to layer our animal prints (as long as they aren’t too bold). Smythe has a great muted leopard print blazer that has a shimmer to it, also picking up on the glitter fabrics trend!”

Smythe women’s blazer, available at TNT.


“Men’s fashion is all about animal prints this season as well,” says Freedman, who recommends a zebra-print top by Stone Island for a casual celebration with friends.

Stone Island men’s sweatshirt, available at TNT.



“Metallics are back in a big way, we are seeing them mostly in large statement pieces, like outerwear,” says Freedman. “Nicole Benisti, which has a couple of styles that are full-silver metallic pieces, is a brand that absolutely nails the metallic trend for winter!”

Nicole Benisti women’s puffer jacket, available at TNT.


“MM6 Maison Margiela also has a great silver metallic puffer jacket with removable sleeves. It turns into a cool vest, which is an awesome piece for layering!”

MM6 Maison Margiela women’s jacket, available at TNT.



According to Freedman, the cowboy-revival trend is everywhere you look right now. “Isabel Marant really perfected this trend this season. The refined cowboy boot is back!”

Isabel Marant women’s boots, available at TNT.


“The Kalibo knit cape from Isabel Marant is another great piece that embodies this trend,” adds Freedman. Perfect for a cozy family feast, “this cape can be thrown over any jacket or sweater, belted or not.”

Isabel Marant women’s cape, available at TNT.



“Especially with the holidays just around the corner, any fabrics that sparkle or shimmer are very in!” says Freedman. “RtA has the perfect dress for any holiday party featuring bands of sequins with contrasting black velvet stripes.”

RtA women’s dress, available at TNT.


Another winner from Toronto’s own Smythe? “This stunning double-breasted tie blazer has an ’80’s inspired shoulder and beautiful, shimmery velvet stripes,” says Freedman.

Smythe women’s tie blazer, available at TNT.

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