Going Glamping This Summer? Here’s What To Pack

Whether you’ve booked provincial camp sites or are eyeing a luxury glamping retreat this summer, having the right gear and wardrobe is key.

Trust us, even for a few days away it’s worth investing in top-of-the-line accessories and high performance apparel—it’s the best way to feel pampered, even when you’re “roughing it.”

Shine The Light On’s oversized, pre-shrunk cotton hoodie at Heidi-Ho2 is made in Canada, and your purchase enables a donation to Mindfulness Without Borders.

stlo hoodie


Perfect for the great outdoors, or chill weekends at home, this crewneck t-shirt is an all-season wardrobe staple. Available at TNT.

baby tee


Looking for a waist bag that’s timeless and durable? Find this Beams + bag at TNT.

waist bag


Available in two colours at Jean-Paul Fortin, Ecco’s Offroad sandals are designed for day hikes, campsite adventures, and more.

offroad sandals


This graphic tee by Suburban Riot, available at Heidi-Ho2, can be worn camping or to the beach.

nurture nature tee


These Frank & Eileen linen joggers feature utilitarian pockets and elastic hems. Find them at Andrews.


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