Whole Foods Market Hidden Gems

Whole Foods Market (n.) a magical place for adults full of endless possibilities! Here are our 12 fav finds we think everyone should know about…

1. NUCO Coconut Paleo Wraps – made entirely out of, you guessed it…coconut!

2. The PERFECT house-made tortilla chips

3. Mind blowing & crazy delicious mock chicken!

4. High in fiber & naturally flavoured, Smart Sweets

5. Organic, vegan & raw superfood Mid-Say Squares

6. The dreamy mochi ice cream bar that is a must…no matter the weather!

7. Whole Foods 365 Cauliflower Pizza Crust

8. Pacific Organic Bone Broth is a high protein and more affordable option than some on the market

9. The game changer that is Mad Mexican Pico!

10. The FAMOUS Berry Chantilly Cake – if you haven’t had this, you’re missing out!

11. Once you start you can’t stop – matcha covered almonds, found at the bulk bar!

12. City Snacks 100% Fresh Fruit Chips – these come in many flavours such as apple, banana, strawberry…but the pear is by far the best!


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