THE ENDINGS fine art photography capsule collection is an assemblage of photographs from relationship stories that contemplate heartbreak, conclusions, and the beauty of new beginnings. The limited-edition series boasts an intimate compilation of images showcasing the fragility and strength of moments that ripple with raw emotion and depth. The photographs are as much about what the viewer sees as they are about the viewer’s own interpretation of what happened before or after each moment in time. Viewers are invited to fill in the blanks of each vignette’s story.  

Photographed by award-winning and internationally-renowned photographer and director, Caitlin Cronenberg, in collaboration with globally-acclaimed art director and set designer, Jessica Ennis, the mesmerizing works were first published in a stunning coffee table book of the same name, that quickly became a national bestseller.

Featuring some of today’s most beloved actors, these piercing photographic vignettes capture women in the throes of powerful emotional transformations. The artistic masterpieces resulted from a long and extensive collaboration with celebrated talents such as Julianne Moore, Keira Knightley, Sarah Gadon, and Tessa Thompson to name a few. During the project’s development, both Cronenberg and Ennis worked to establish each of the characters, imagined and built her world, and then photographed each woman as she lived the role before the camera. In the end, the collection of works delivers a bold look at the experience of losing or leaving love as well as starting over again and will ultimately speak to anyone who appreciates facing emotional depths head-on.

THE ENDINGS exhibit can be found in The Fix (lower level across from Whole Foods) for the month of June. All pieces from the collection will be available for sale, and each piece comes with a numbered limited-edition label signed by the artists.



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