Centre Capacity


Occupancy information is for your safety, convenience and to help you plan for your visit. Shopping centre capacity is calculated using social distancing guidelines and local regulations.

The capacity percentage shown on our homepage indicates real-time occupancy of the shopping centre based on the maximum allowable capacity under current Public Health measures.


How often are you updating this information?

Yorkville Village’s management team will receive live updates on how many guests are in the mall via the traffic counting system.

How will capacity levels be communicated? What happens if the area has reached max capacity or is in the red zone?

Centre capacity will be posted on our website to assist guests in planning their visit and determine the best times to shop.

Once capacity level reaches 80%, security staff will be positioned at select entrances in preparation to close our doors, should we reach capacity and need to operate on a one-out, one-in system.

Once capacity level reaches “Red” or 100%, select entrances will operate on a one-out, one-in system. Security staff will monitor these entrances and ensure physical distancing is being maintained in line-ups to enter the shopping centre.

How do stores manage capacity? Are you able to provide capacity for every store?

Each store in the shopping centre manages their own capacity independently, based on their own respective size. Every store is responsible for managing their own lines ups.