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Earlier this year, Toronto-based Radford Beauty introduced an exciting rebrand—all new packaging, updated formulations and a fresh approach to skincare. The new promise? “We are a skincare brand that focuses on what matters – what’s inside the bottle.”

To find out more about the story behind the rebrand, we spoke to Victoria Radford, founder of Radford Beauty and Radford Studio, about the exciting changes happening with her eponymous skincare line.

You launched your beauty range in 2015. Why did you decide to rebrand this year?
We decided to rebrand our beauty range in 2023 because I’ve always believed in radical transparency, and our old branding didn’t truly reflect our core values as a brand. Our previous logo was a polished and perfected version of my signature, but our new logo features my actual handwriting—raw and imperfect. I love it because it represents who I am—a genuine person who is committed to creating the highest-quality, most effective products for my community.

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With the rebrand, what changed and what remained constant?
With the rebrand, we made significant changes by stripping away all the marketing fluff. Our branding now features raw hand-drawn and handwritten elements with straightforward, easy-to-understand language. However, our commitment to using clean and effective ingredients has remained constant, with minor tweaks to improve our formulations.

What has the response been like so far?
The response to our rebrand has been overwhelmingly positive. People seem to really resonate with our mission of simplifying the skincare industry and eliminating the confusion and deception often associated with it. We’re not in the business of confusing consumers or making them feel insecure to sell more products. I fundamentally disagree with that outdated approach to marketing beauty products.

You’re constantly developing and introducing new products. What’s been the most significant Radford Beauty launch so far this year?
The most significant Radford Beauty launch this year will be our revolutionary night cream called BUTTER, launching on October 17th! This product truly exemplifies our commitment to easy-to-use, ingredient-focused, and highly effective skincare. It provides a natural, pregnancy-safe, and gentle alternative to retinol-based products. Delivering transformative results without the side-effects like redness, flaking, and irritation. This luxurious, thick cream melts into the skin like butter, leaving a soft and radiant glow without any greasy residue.

What are you most excited for next?
I’m incredibly excited about what the future holds. We have some amazing products in development that I can’t wait to share with our community. While I can’t reveal too much at this moment, I can say that we’re currently working on a product that will be the very first of its kind. We’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring the best ingredients in the world, which continues to fuel my excitement for what’s next.

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radford beauty

radford beauty

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