Small Business Week With Farre By Emmanuel

Where creativity and imagination never rest – the talent behind Farre by Emmanuel revives and transforms leather through meticulous and vibrant patina work.

Founded in 2018 by Frenchman and leather specialist, Emmanuel Farre is a master custom patina artist and cobbler. Whether it’s bringing a beloved handbag to life, to repairing holes at the bottom of your leather shoes, to winterizing your favourite pair of boots – Farre by Emmanuel is the place to visit for all your leather needs!

Here’s what Emmanuel had to say about owning and operating a small business in 2020!

Why is the art of patina such a significant component to your line of work?

Emmanuel: In French, we have another term for my specific line of work, “ennoblisseur de cuir”. Which translates to “the artisan who makes the leather noble” Because whether it’s from a raw state or aged material, we can bring it to life through colouring, nourishing and buffering. Leather is a wonderful material that can breathe, crease, and dry, and is a such a pleasure to work with and transform. 


Dare we say it’s been an unprecedented year – what is your biggest takeaway of 2020?

Emmanuel: Unprecedent times call for unprecedent measures. 2020 has been the year to reinvent yourself and your brand, so we’re launching a door-to-door shoe repair service soon. The difficult part is to set up a clear line of communication between our team and clients to offer the best quality and convenient services possible.


What’s your best piece of advice for other small businesses?

Emmanuel: Human beings are so strong and resilient – so make sure to believe in yourself! If you stay honest and true, customers will support you.

Follow Farre x Emmanuel for all the amazing patina and cobbler work he does on the daily.

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