YANGYANG PAN: Shadow Bloom Exhibition

Shadow Bloom

Yangyang Pan’s recent abstract paintings burst with exuberance, revealing a
vibrant palette that speaks to a lush and fertile terrain, resonating with the
inherent potential for both growth and decay within the rhythmic cadence of
nature’s cycle. With an artistic stroke of oil, these works unveil an unexpected
lyrical, romantic, and poetic world, conveyed through the expressive language of
abstraction, evoking an idealistic and optimistic global view.

Yangyang Pan’s artwork has been exhibited throughout Canada and the US, as
well as in Italy and China. She has been invited to create numerous
commissioned works, including notable projects for Apple, Holt Renfrew, and
Anthropologie. Yangyang’s pieces can be found in numerous private, public, and
corporate collections worldwide.

The solo exhibition “Shadow Bloom” marks the artist’s second exhibition at
Yorkville Village that can be found in The Oval area and will be on view from
January 12 – February 23.

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