Toronto Fashion Week and founding partner Yorkville Village, are launching a new captivating digital video series that will merge the worlds of art, fashion and film during the height of Canada’s largest – and North America’s second largest – Fashion Week. Titled “WINDOW WARS”, the pilot video series seeks to disrupt the traditional retail window display and change how consumers perceive the shopping experience.

Set to film for four days commencing on September 2nd, 2019, the multi-micro webisodes will feature two artists, Canadian/German art director Tatjana Green and Toronto-based Krystin Leigh Smith, going head-to-head to create the most compelling window displays – in collaboration with Canadian fashion designers showcasing at Toronto Fashion Week. Expertly utilizing the designer’s collection, Green and Smith will create set pieces from iconic movie scenes in captivating ways.

“WINDOW WARS challenges the traditional notions of retail displays,” said Melissa Campisi, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Event Marketing, Yorkville Village. “This opportunity offers a unique perspective on how consumers approach the collision of fashion, art and retail – especially in the digital era. It also allows us to create an interactive community experience, engaging with those in the Yorkville neighbourhood – whether they have attended a Toronto Fashion Week event or otherwise.”

The episodes, featuring a backstory of both the art directors and designers, will premiere on starting September 26th, with a confirmed four week run. The entire creative process will also be documented from start to finish, and released on and Toronto Fashion Week’s social media accounts including YouTube, Facebook and on Instagram.

The works will be exhibited at 92 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto until October 30rd, 2019. Canadians will also have an opportunity to cast their vote for their favourite display. The winner of the first ever “WINDOW WARS” will be announced on October 30rd, 2019 with the announcement made on Instagram.

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