Couple – Coming Soon

Sustainable and 100% conflict free diamonds are coming soon to Yorkville Village!

More than ever, it’s important to be mindful and reduce our carbon footprint. Couple has taken a 1 billion year old product, and redesigned it to help reduce environmental impacts by offering exclusively lab-grown diamonds.

Per carat of diamond, Couple saves:

  • 5259.8 lbs of mineral waste
  • 56.9 kg of carbon emissions
  • 109 gallons of water
  • 98 sq ft of land from being mined

Grown by engineers in cutting-edge labs and according to labour standards, lab-grown diamonds offer a guaranteed elimination of the risk of acquiring a blood diamond.

In total, they’ve:

  • Prevented 1,170,350 lbs of mineral waste
  • Saved 27,960 lbs of carbon emissions
  • Had 0 ethical implications

Needless to say, we’re thrilled for Couple to join the Yorkville Village family. In the mean time, take advantage of their new virtual ring concierge services here!

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